Guidance for prospective graduate students at Dept. of Functional Biology, Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo

May 25, 2024, 13:30 - 15:30 (13:00 open)

UTokyo, Exp. Res. Bldg. 13F south No 6 seminar room

We seek a wide range of people who are enthusiastic about research.

Any faculty background will be welcomed.

This event will be held as a hybrid meeting (on-site and webcast).

If you wish to participate via online, please pre-register at the registration page below.

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Research fields and PIs


Cellular and Molecular Physiology:
Masanori Matsuzaki

Cell physiology of frontal cortical circuits, decision making, and motor learning

The frontal cortex is the areas that create phenomena that do not exist in the external world, such as behavior and thought. In behaving mice and marmosets, we clarify the inputs, layer-specific local circuits, and outputs in frontal cortical circuits at the single cell level by wide-field imaging and electrical measurement, and map the circuit activity to behavior by optical manipulation. We aim to elucidate the substance and principles of functional brain circuits that realize decision making, motor learning, and brain-machine interface.


Integrative Physiology:

Kenichi Ohki

Two-photon calcium imaging studies of functional neural circuits in the cerebral cortex

Using in vivo two-photon calcium imaging with cellular and synaptic resolution, our laboratory aims to elucidate the basic structure and principles of neural circuits and their development in cortical visual cortex, where information processing occurs through the interaction of local neural circuits and multiple higher-order visual areas. Since our research interests range from development to neural information processing, we welcome students who have studied mathematics and physics as well as biology.



Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology:
Kenzo Hirose

Research on regulatory mechanisms of synaptic function using advanced imaging techniques

Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of synaptic function regulation using neurotransmitter imaging and super-resolution microscopy techniques. Especially, we aim to elucidate the operating principles of neural circuits by focusing on the relationship between the spatiotemporal dynamics of nanometer-scale supramolecular complexes at the synapse and synaptic plasticity. We are also working on the development of fluorescent probes using organic chemistry and protein engineering, and super-resolution microscopy techniques integrating informatics and optics.


Systems Pharmacology:
Hiroki Ueda

Organismal-level systems biology using sleep-wake rhythm as a model system

Our lab focuses on the research field called systems biology, which considers life as systems and understands target systems from the characteristics and relationships of their components. We are now trying to develop human systems biology using sleep-wake rhythms as a model system. We aim to understand the "biological timing" information of human sleep and wakefulness from the molecular level to the level of individuals living in society. To this end, our lab uses proteomics, mouse genetics, whole-brain imaging, and human behaviral analysis to clarify the causal relationship between gene polymorphisms and phenotypes. Students from various backgrounds are highly welcomed.

 (collaborative courses)

Brain dynamics:
Takamitsu Watanabe

Brain network dynamics of unstable cognition and its clinical applications

We aim to understand the neurobiological mechanisms behind seemingly unstable cognitive phenomena as collective neural dynamics on a complex network. Our research target includes both healthy individuals and those with neurological and/or psychiatric conditions, and our methodological approach varies from human behavioural experiments using functional/structural MRI, EEG, TMS and TUS to numerical simulation and data-driven analyses, such as energy landscape analysis and intrinsic neural timescale analysis.


Dept. Systems Pharmacology, Graudate Schoold of Medicine, the University of Tokyo

Hiroki Ueda

Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan