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Welcometo the Systems Pharmacology

Welcome to the Systems Pharmacology

Our lab launched in April, 2013.

Based on the determination of the genome sequence, systems biology, which is the study of the function of biological systems based on the interactions among its components, has been developed. However, since mammals, especially humans have extremely complex biological systems including social and environmental factors in real-world settings, human systems biology not yet been fully established.

Our lab aims to elucidate the biological timing mechanisms underlying sleep-wake cycles by applying state-of-the-art technology in mouse genetics and human sleep measurement techniques. Centered on the phosphorylation hypothesis of sleep proposed by us, we explore relevant genes from human population data, identify genotype-phenotype causality relationships, and control gene product activities.

What's new


  • ERATO Ueda PJ
  • 子ども睡眠健診
  • CUBIC-Atlas
  • Triple CRISPR
  • CUBIC resource
  • Brain stars

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